Angel Sleep Sack - Hands Free

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Hands Free Angel Sleep Sacks are a great way to transition your baby from swaddling to Hands free. Sizes starting from 6 months upwards, let your baby learn to sleep with their hands out when they are past the stage of scratching themselves or being woken by their hands, or if they just prefer their hands out.


*Snuggly warm winter weight sleep sack made with Bamboo and Organic Cotton fabric, lined with Organic Cotton Quilting. Natural fibres make it warm and breathable without over heating your baby.

*Double ended YKK zip for easy nappy changes in the night.

*Wide sack bottom so baby can sleep with their legs in the natural diamond/frog position, helping to prevent hip dysplasia.

*Soft ribbing on the hands with fold over mitten, so you can have the option of hands in or out.

2.5TOG is recommended for temperatures below 22 degrees, anything above that we recommend trying the 1TOG Hands Free Angel Sleep Sack.

Size Guide:

Medium: We recommend this size for babies 6-12 months of age and recommended for babies weighing between 8.5 and 10.5kgs. The total length is 80cm.

Large:  We recommend this size for babies 12-30 months of age and recommended for babies weighing over 10kgs. The total length is 96cm.


Designed in NZ by a Kiwi mum!