Māma Bundle

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This bundle has been created with all the beautiful expecting Māma out there 💕 From a growing belly to the precious moment of having your baby in your arms - this bundle has you covered.

- Belly Bliss (for your growing Belly)
- Māma Bamboo Earrings
- Relax + Unwind Bath Salts (These are for use when 38weeks + as they contain lavender and are perfect to bathe in during the last 2 weeks of pregnancy)
- Comfort + Relax Roller (A perfect blend for relaxing, aiding comfort and support while in labour. To be used from 38weeks+)
- Nippy Butter (Perfect for those early days of breastfeeding and cluster feeds)
- A pair of reusable breastpads
- Lip Balm - (this is vital in the breastfeeding stage when you have dry/chapped lips).
- Lactation Tea + Strainer - a beautiful infused tea with nurturing ingredients to support breastfeeding Māma.