NIP Dental soother Miss Denti, silicone, 5 - 13 months

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The soother "Miss Denti" from nip is the first dental soother, which really distributes the biting pressure. Miss Denti is a special soother with wings and wider than conventional soothers. The innovative Miss Denti design has been developed to provide improved protection for children against tooth and jaw misalignment. Conventional soothers feature a narrow shaft that sits between the sensitive milk incisors. When the child sucks on the soother, it is forced to bite down on the shaft, which exerts high pressure on the incisors and the jaw. Miss Denti's wide shape relocates or distributes biting pressure in order to take the strain off the sensitive milk incisors and jaw areas and protects them better against misalignments. The soother "Miss Denti" is available in three sizes: Size 1 for babies from 0-6 months, size 2 for babies from 5-13 months and size 3 for babies from 13 months. The size concept is geared towards the baby's natural growth. The sizes focus on the moment when the teeth actually appear. With the large ventilation holes the skin is enable to breathe and the chin protection prevents the skin irritation. Miss Denti was developed together with the orthodontist Dr. Kai Hagemann. To guarantee a constant quality, our nip soother "Miss Denti" is BPA free and produced in Germany.



  • Orthodontically shaped
  • Made of silicone
  • Distributes biting pressure and support healthier tooth and jaw development
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • Chin protection prevents skin irritation
  • Large ventilation holes enable the skin to breathe optimally
  • Available in sizes 1 - 3
  • BPA free
  • Made in Germany
  • Soother complies with EN 1400 standard