NIP Wide neck glass bottle 240 ml Red
NIP Wide neck glass bottle 240 ml Red

NIP Wide neck glass bottle 240 ml Red

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These are particularly heat-resistant and hygienic. They can be boiled frequently without any damage. The waisted body, which fits perfectly in your hand to ensure a safe grip, is easy to handle. Thanks to the extra wide bottle neck, they are easy to fill.

An orthodontically shaped teat made of silicone with integrated anti-colic vent and intelligent ACTIFLEX® system prevents the teat from closing or sticking together during drinking and ensures a constant drinking flow. Added to which, its perfect-fit sealing ring ensures that the teat fits firmly on the bottle without dripping, while its universal size fits all nip wide-neck bottles. The silicone teat is available in a choice of hole sizes S (tea), M (milk) and L (formula).

And to cater to the different drinking requirements of your child, the bottles are available in two different sizes: 120 ml for those needing a little drink between meals and 240 ml for mealtimes.
And because your little one also eats with their eyes, the bottles are in no way inferior to the rest of the nip drinking range when it comes to design. The little bottles in bright red and turquoise with metallic effects are decorated with a couple of friendly sheep which are eating the meadows with relish. On the larger bottles, which are resplendent in springtime green and orange, happy, springing lamps spread their cheer at mealtimes.

Child-friendly and high-quality materials

The wide neck glass bottles, as well as the whole nip assortment, were developed in collaboration with experts and extensively tested by parents. It meets all the relevant high safety and quality standards of Nürnberg Gummi. To ensure constant brand quality, the products are tested regularly in the company’s own laboratory. The company in Bavaria ensures a brand quality “Made in Germany” with over 150 employees who are engaged for their brand nip. Moreover, through constant optimized processes and flat hierarchy, Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel offers a fair price/performance ratio.