Speak To Me, Korero Mai

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Babies and children understand much more than they can say. It's never too early to start using Te Reo Maori or sign language of Aotearoa. Speaking Te Reo Maori and using sign language alongside English is a beautiful way to not only acknowledge the official languages of New Zealand, but also boost brain development. Speak to your baby as often as you can, narrate your day. The more language you share with them, the more their brain grows! The sign language pictures in this book have arrows to indicate direction or hand movements so be sure to look carefully at each sign image.

Author's Bio;

Jenny Chapman lives in Rotorua and is learning Te Reo Maori alongside my children to walk the talk of inclusiveness and building a better New Zealand. Language is the basis for connection. Te Reo Maori was the first spoken language of Aotearoa. It is a beautiful language that connects Maori people with each other, their culture, heritage and land. Learning Te Reo Maori is an opportunity for all Kiwi people to connect with our shared heritage.